History and Background

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The Office of the president is an educational supporting sector of the university whcih was established following the Ministerial Regulations on establishment of Government sectors of Yala Rajabhat University,Ministry of Education B.E.2548. It was enacted following the Rajabhat University Act B.E 2547 which divided the Government sectors of the university on March 1st 2005 as follows.

  1. Office of the President
  2. Faculty of Education
  3. Faculty of Humanities and social sciences.
  4. Faculty of Management sciences.
  5. Faculty of science,Technology and Agriculture.
  6. Southern Border Research and Development Institute
  7. Office of the Academic Resources and Information Technology.

In accordance with the announcement by the Ministry of Education dividing the government sectors of Yala Rajabhat University B.E 2549 enacted by the Rajabhat University Act B.E 2547 issued on the 23rd June 2006. The government sectors of the Office of the president is divided as follows;

  1. Central Division.
  2. Policy and Planning Division
  3. Academic Service Division.
  4. Student Affairs Division.

The university established specific sectors operated with different missions from the previous sectors on December 25th 2009 as follows;

  1. Office of the Secretary.
  2. Office of Quality Assurance
  3. Office of Graduate Study